Wolf Of God

Ethan Chandler (real title Ethan Lawrence Talbot) is an American sharpshooter operating away from a checkered past. When Sir Malcolm engages him in a secret quest, Ethan meets Brona Croft, a beautiful Northern Irish prostitute with a secret past. But behind Ethan’s glowing eyes lurk dark secrets. He is running from a thing, and his troubling past endangers to overhaul him at every turn. After the death of Brona, Ethan had lost control and had revealed himself to be a werewolf. Ethan was born in 1857 to a wealthy family. At some point in his life, he served as a cavalry soldier fighting in the American Indian Wars and was involved in a brutal massacre where the troops eradicated an entire native village. Ethan later fled America after he had killed a senator’s son, and joined a circus in Europe where he used his skills as a gun-slinger to entertain small crowds. In 1891, Chandler’s Wild west Show visited London, where he was met in a bar by Vanessa Ives, who offered him a job as an armed escort that very night.  In the time before all cars were created you only had horse carriages but ;lucky for us we have http:www.calgarysbestowing.net/ to help us now. Continue reading Wolf Of God

Miss. Ives

Vanessa Ives is the lead female role of Penny Dreadful. She is poised, mysterious, and completely composed, Vanessa is a charming and impressive beauty full of secrets and emergency. She is very sensitive – clairvoyant even – as well as a master medium, and has lent her expertise to Sir Malcolm Murray in his quest for his daughter, Vanessa’s childhood friend Mina Murray. Her spiritual gifts are powerful and useful to those about her, but they are also a substantial burden. Her personal beasts are very real to her, and everybody nearby her, and they threaten to kill her relationships, her sanity and her very life In 1891, Vanessa toured the Wildwest Show and grew taken in its original performer Ethan Chandler. Planning to exercise him as an armed assistant, she met him in a bar and granted him with a proposal to do some night work. Like a company moving furniture in the dead night so no one would see what was been seen. Continue reading Miss. Ives

Sir Malcolm( There is no light without Darkness)



One of the most interesting character Sir Malcolm Murray is a British explorer of the African continent who is on a deeply personal quest. Sir Malcolm has nevertheless paid a huge price for his astonishing career. Although his stately home is filled with mementos from his travels, it is devoid of people and loved ones. With Vanessa’s help, he is set to right the mistakes of his past, but the worst journey is yet to come.Sir Malcolm Murray proved himself as an adventurer of the African continent, which conclusively put a wrench on his marriage later in life after fathering two kids. While becoming well known for his foreign exploits he made matters worse on the home front by indulging in an affair. Not only did he fail his wife, but also his son and daughter. His son, not very well equipped for a hard life exploring Africa died while on his first safari with Sir Malcolm, and his daughter was abducted years later by a vampire. It was this latest wound that drove Sir Malcolm into the role of a monster hunter, endeavoring to seek out monsters to find and recover his daughter. Continue reading Sir Malcolm( There is no light without Darkness)



Penny Dreadful is one of the most compelling shows on television today since it brings a twist to the concept of religion, loyalty, mortality, and the idea of hope casting out the darkness. Penny Dreadful is a British-American horror-drama television series produced for Showtime and Sky by John Logan, who more acts as executive producer alongside Sam Mendes. The show was basically pitched to the various US and UK channels and finally landed with Showtime, with Sky Atlantic as co-producer. It introduction at the South by Southwest film festival on March 9 and began televising on station on April 28, 2014, on Showtime on Demand. The production debuted on Showtime on May 11, 2014, the first in an eight-episode term. The title relates to the penny dreadfuls, a type of 19th-century British fiction publication with lurid and sensational subject matter. The series draws upon several public domain characters of 19th-century Irish and British fiction. Including Dorian Gray from Oscar Wilde’s The Portrait of Dorian Gray, Mina Harker, Abraham Van Helsing, Renfield furthermore Count Dracula from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Victor Frankenstein also his monstrosity from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Dr. Henry Jekyll from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In Victorian England on September 22, 1891, amidst the cruel abduction of a woman and her offspring who are later discovered maimed and dissected. Meanwhile, the mysterious Vanessa Ives interests the experienced marksman/con man Ethan Chandler to do some “night work”. She proposes him to Sir Malcolm Murray, father of the recently kidnaped Mina Harker. The trio penetrates a vampire lair in quest of Mina. They encounter and kill a vile monster, later enlisting Victor Frankenstein to judge it. The autopsy exposes hieroglyphs etched underneath its skin, which are later determined to be from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Ethan, bewildered by the new experience opening before him, takes his payment and leaves Vanessa and Malcolm’s service, but is later tempted to return. In his laboratory, Frankenstein brings life to a dead body in an attempt of subverting death and overcoming the natural order of a person life cycle.